2009 Task Force

Kateri Bishop, CPS, East
Teresa Forshag, Disabilities, East
Sharon Gasperino, Child Advocate, East
J. Chris Hall, Child Advocate, West
Jana Heyd, Attorney, West
Lisa Johnson, Attorney, West
Donald Kinney, Law Enforcement, West
Karen Kirk, CASA, East
Lisa Lydon, Attorney, East
Andrew K. Miller, Attorney, East
Astrid Newell, MD, Health, West
Hon. Sally Olsen, Superior Court, West
Jan Osborne-Millam, Parent Rep., West
Isaac S. Pope, MD, Diversity/West
Commissioner Jerri Potts, Civil, East
Daryl Toulou, CPS, East
Jeffrey E. Tower, Law Enforcement, East
Karen Winston, Child Advocate, East
DeAnn Yamamoto, Mental Health, West


Carrie Hoon, Attorney
Louise Gustafson Child Advocate
Janet Skreen Office of the Courts
Ret. Judge Dennis Yule, Superior Court