Lee Ann Miller Award

lee anne miller

Lee Ann Miller was the lead counsel for Children's Administration at the time of her death from cancer at age 47 in early 1998. She was a recognized expert in juvenile law and the field of child advocacy. In 1979, she joined the Attorney General's Office and shortly became lead counsel to Administration for Children, Youth and Family, the predecessor of the Children's Administration. She was known not only for her professionalism and compassion, but also for her sense of humor and captivating presence. This year marks the fouteenth year that the Lee Ann Miller Awards will be presented at the Children's Justice Conference to the individual and the group or program that has made the greatest impact and/or contribution in furthering the goals of the Children's Justice Act.



Individual Awards

2017 Richard Stapp
2016 Commissioner Thurman W. Lowans
2015 Mary Meinig
2014 Louise Gustafson
2013 Cheryl Wolfe
2012 Dr. Naomi Sugar
2011 Maria Vera
2010 Tim Jaasko-Fisher, Director, Court Improvement Training Academy
2009 Steve Hassett - Senior Counsel, Olympia, WA
2008 Dr. Alan Hendrickson
2007 Rep. Ruth Kagi
2006 Jim Theofelis - Executive Director, Mockingbird Society
2005 Mary Ann Murphy. Exec. Dir. - Partners w/Families & Children
2004 Joanne Moore, Director - Office of Public Defense, Olympia, WA
2003 Ken Feldman, MD - Children's Hospital
2002 Lucy Berliner, Director - Harborview Center for SW
2001 Jon and Judge Bobbe Bridge
2000 Judge Jim Doerty

Group Awards

2017 Brigid Collins Family Support Center
2016 Incarcerated Parents Project and Incarcerated Mothers Advocacy Project 
2015 Spokane County Parent4Parents Project
2014 University of Washington Court Improvement Training Academy
2013 The Washington State Parent Advocacy Network - Seattle, WA
2012 Bikers Against Child Abuse
2011 Spokane Drug Endangered Children Team
2010 Spokane Police Department, Sexual Exploitation Units
2009 Camas Path Behavioral Health and Social Services
2008 Team Child
2007 Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery
2006 Washington State Association of Child Advocacy Centers
2005 Safe Harbor Crisis Nursery - Kennewick, WA
2004 Child Abuse Intervention Center - Vancouver, WA
2003 CASA/GAL Program - Seattle, WA
2002 Benton County Commissioners - Leo Bowman & Claude Oliver
2001 King County Kids Court
2000 Treehouse