A-03 - The Triple P Positive Parenting Program: A Multi-level System of Evidence-based Parenting Support (Part I of II)   Intermediate

  Evidence Based Parenting Intervention   Mental Health

This presentation introduces a comprehensive, multilevel, evidence-based system of parenting support, known as the Triple P-Positive Parenting Program. Triple P is designed to assist communities prevent and more effectively manage a range of psychosocial and behavioral difficulties in children from birth to aged 16. These difficulties include children and adolescent with conduct problems, ADHD, and internalizing problems such as anxiety. The program has been used extensively in the context of preventing child maltreatment. This presentation will describe how the program provides active skills training for parents using a unique self-regulatory framework that empowers parents to take control of their parenting behavior and emotions. Video clips of actual cases that demonstrated how the program is used will be provided. Triple P has been extensively evaluated in multiple randomized controlled trials and service based evaluations, and is the only parenting program that has been shown to reduce the prevalence rates of child maltreatment at a population level. Its multilevel system blends universal and targeted interventions. There are a range of targeted programs such as Family Transitions Triple P for parent experiencing separation or divorce and Pathways Triple P for parents at risk of child maltreatment, and Enhanced Triple P for parents with mental health problems and couple conflict. These more intensive program (10-12 sessions) complement lower intensity group, online and seminar and topic specific discussion groups (1-8 sessions). The Triple P system is one of the most extensively studied evidence-based parenting program in the world. It is used in 30 countries, in 20 languages, over 100,000 practitioners have been trained in Triple P, and it has reached millions of families. It is used in 36 states in the US.