A-07 - Turning Fight into Flight: The Ronal Ordonez-Orosco Case   Advanced

  Medical/Forensic Interviewing   Law Enforcement   Legal   Child Abuse (Physical/Sexual)

Ronal Ordonez-Orosco lived with his niece and her family in Texas.  He began raping his young niece when she was just 11 years old.  After the last incident, the then 12-year-old victim discovered she was pregnant.  The victim was taken from the home of her non-believing mother and placed in foster care.  After the birth of the victim’s child, a DNA test supported that her uncle, Ordonez–Orosco, was the father of the child.  At trial, the victim collapsed and was almost unable to testify.  Attendees will learn about DNA issues and the hurdles prosecutors overcame to get the victim to talk.  They will also understand how to work with victims who lose everything because of an outcry, and how to turn a victim’s instinct of flight in to one of fight.