A-11 - Working with Partners and Families   Intermediate

  Law Enforcement   Child Abuse (Physical/Sexual)

Assessing the partners of suspected or convicted sex offenders poses specific and significant challenges: managing complex relationships, balancing competing responsibilities and handling associated risks are just some of the issues faced by social workers and other professionals working in the field of child sexual exploitation. This course draws on over 30 years experience in undertaking partner assessments as well as highlighting current research, to provide participants with unique insights and practical tools.

Topics covered include:
An integrated model for understanding child sexual exploitation.
Is denial inevitable?
Tactics used by offenders to manipulate and silence partners and professionals.
How much do partners really know – the continuum of awareness.
Why some parents choose their partner over their children.
Safeguarding Assessments – what should they look for?
Implications for all the children.
How professionals can manage the abusive dynamic.
Is family reunification possible?
Protective partner programs.