A-13 - Principles and Practice of Peacemaking in Child Welfare   Advanced

  Dispute Resolution   Legal   Diversity

The Court Improvement Training Academy at the University of Washington Law School is happy to invite Prof. Shawn Watts from Columbia University for this introductory session on Peacemaking in Child Welfare Courts. Peacemaking is an indigenous conflict resolution practice that predates the imposition of western justice systems on Native American communities. This ancient practice challenges western principles of the adversarial legal process. Peacemaking offers an opportunity to address power differentials, trauma, broken social connections, and family dysfunction, all toward the goal of healing families and communities and building resilience. In this brief session, participants will learn about the principles and practices of peacemaking, and discuss how they could be implemented in State or Tribal dependency courts in Washington State. Please come with an open mind, willingness to learn, and desire to do something different and transformative in your child welfare court system.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand historical and cultural foundations of indigenous peacemaking.
2. Understand the application of peacemaking in present-day practice.
3. Learn about resources and structures necessary to start a peacemaking program in your child welfare court.