C-09 - Homeless Youth Advocacy, Stronger Together   Intermediate

  Child Welfare   Legal

Homeless youth service providers, schools and attorneys are collaborating in King County to improve and expand legal advocacy services for youth who are or are at risk of homelessness, ages 12 - 24 years.  Bay Area Legal Aid's unique model of onsite intake and close partnership among attorneys, homeless youth shelters and staff, served as a guide in the creation of Legal Counsel for Youth and Children's 18 month pilot, Legal Services Partnership for Youth (LSPY).  We invite you to join LCYC and partners to learn more about this service model, partnership and its impact.  We will also be looking to engage participants in brainstorming solutions to some of the systemic barriers impacting youth homelessness in Washington.  Please join us for this critical conversation to share and learn more about what we can do to shift systems to help make youth homelessness, rare, brief and one time.