D-05 - ‘Nothing Happened' Utilizing Resiliency-focused Assessment Strategies to Create Openings for Engagement of Defiant, Disruptive or High Risk Youth and Caring Adults   Intermediate

  Traumatic Stress   Mental Health   Child Abuse (Physical/Sexual)

Youths with Complex Trauma often expect to be assessed for how bad, disturbed, or dangerous they are. A resiliency-based assessment model can transform assessments into opportunities for engagement and selection of the most effective treatment components matched to diverse strengths and needs of youths and caregivers. This workshop will explore use of simple tools for assessing a youth’s emotional support and emotional regulation in a range of relationships and prioritizing treatment including engagement of caring adults. Activities for increasing emotionally supportive relationships with caregivers will be illustrated. This workshop is first of a three-workshop series.

Learning Objectives:
1. Access and utilize specific assessment tools to promote engagement of children and families with Complex PTSD including high risk youths referred for residential or day treatment programs.
2. Create an eco-map for a youth's level of emotional support and regulation in her/his primary relationships.
3. Utilize creative arts activities to promote attunement and support in a youth’s primary relationships with caregivers.