E-14 - Baby Courts-Addressing the Needs of Babies Toddlers and Their Families (Part I of II)   Intermediate


Cradle to Crayons (C2C) is a judicially-led program of the Maricopa County (AZ) juvenile court that serves families with children birth to three. Brain science has established that the first years of life are a critical developmental period that warrants special attention by child-serving systems. Modeled on the national Zero to Three Safe Babies Court Team, C2C has significantly improved outcomes for young children, including increased rates of return home and shorter times to permanency. C2C’s program administrator and evaluator will describe the design, implementation and evolution of this successful program, in spite of fiscal and workforce challenges and a 55% increase in the number of young children entering care.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand why science has shown early childhood to be a critical developmental period for children who have experienced trauma, abuse or neglect.
2. Learn about the ten core components of the Safe Babies Court Teams project.
3. Understand how courts and other systems can collaborate to access funding and services for families with young children.