F-12 - Daniel Harris, Top Gun Pilot: From Maverick to Convict   Advanced

  Law Enforcement   Legal

This case study will detail the investigation by Homeland Security Investigations and the Bedford County ICAC of Daniel Harris, a US Navy Top Gun fighter pilot and US Naval Academy graduate, who devised a "sextortion" scheme to force ten underage girls, aged 12-17 years old, to take nude photos and videos of themselves. Harris also attempted to sextort over 75 others over a period of years. The presentation will detail how investigators tied Harris to repeated attempts to obstruct the investigation from jail by creating a fictitious persona who took responsibility for setting up Harris in an attempt to steal his wife. The study also will detail the trial issues that were had by the prosecuting team and overcoming the defense computer forensic expert who provided inaccurate testimony. Finally, details will be provided about how Harris attempted to sell state secrets to foreign governments if they broke him out of jail.