F-13 - Baby Courts-Addressing the Needs of Babies Toddlers and Their Families (Part II of II)   Intermediate


Babies and toddlers constitute over 30 percent of the children who enter out-of-home care in Washington State. Recognizing the unique developmental needs of young children who experience trauma, neglect and prenatal exposure to substances, several Washington courts have developed programs to support early childhood well-being and case outcomes. Representatives from Pierce County’s Best for Babies program and Snohomish and King County’s Tables of Ten will describe their interventions and share resources. Attendees will explore opportunities and develop plans for implementing baby court principles in their own communities.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how several Washington State dependency courts have responded to the developmental needs of very young children and their families.
2. Identify state and local agencies that can collaborate with courts to better serve babies and toddlers who have experienced trauma, abuse or neglect.
3. Develop actionable plans to implement baby court principles in participants’ own work and communities.