G-02 - House of Horrors: The Mills and Akers Investigation (Repeat)   Intermediate

  Law Enforcement   Legal   Child Abuse (Physical/Sexual)

This case study will detail the investigation of a married couple, Bailey and Elizabeth Mills, who operated a day care and mentoring program for children. As it turned out, the husband was a two time registered sex offender and also his wife's pimp. The investigation revealed that the husband had sexually molested 11 children and recorded the acts with his cell phone camera, including some in which his wife participated. Bailey also arranged for another person to have sex with three of the children in his care. The case was further complicated when two of the victims mistakenly identified this man as "Peter Gilbert" from a press release. The presenters will discuss their investigation of this multi-victim/multi-offender case as well as the forensics issues they encountered and lastly how "Peter Gilbert" was finally correctly identified through the use of a body search warrant.