G-16 - Forensic Pathology and the Investigation of Pediatric Deaths (Part I of III)   Intermediate

  Law Enforcement   Child Abuse (Physical/Sexual)

When an infant or child dies suddenly, it is often that the circumstances are not immediately apparent, prompting a thorough, multidisciplinary investigation in order to correctly determine the cause and manner of death. This workshop, designed for those involved in child death investigations at all levels, will cover both basic and advanced concepts in the investigation of child deaths. We will be concentrating on deaths of infants and toddlers, as the approach to autopsy is often very different from that of older children or adults. Special attention will be given to a discussion of the Sudden Unexplained Infant Death Investigation (SUIDI) “Top 25” produced by the Centers for Disease Control. The “Top 25” represents the 25 most important pieces of information that the medical examiner needs in order to facilitate an appropriate death investigation and interpret autopsy findings (or lack thereof). The discussion will include common autopsy findings in “SIDS” or “SUIDI” cases, and emphasize the importance of scene investigation, doll reenactment, and communication between the various investigating agencies, medical examiner/ coroner, and forensic pathologists involved in the case. We will conclude with a more advanced discussion of the autopsy of a child homicide victim.