Pauline Lucero, MA, LPPC

Ms. Lucero is a mental health therapist and nationally-known trainer and consultant in cultural competency and Children’s Advocacy Centers. For over 20 years, she has provided consultation to multidisciplinary teams working on complex child abuse cases. She has worked with numerous Native American communities across New Mexico and the nation.

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Peggy Lewis

Independent Living Program Manager with DSHS Children's Administration Division of Program and Policy.

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Richard Kagan, Ph.D.

Dr. Kagan provides consultation and training on traumatic stress and Complex Trauma treatment including Real Life Heroes® certificate training programs. He has had extensive leadership experience in non-profit child and family services as director of professional development, QI, research, and psychological services and has served as the principal investigator for two SAMHSA-funded National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) community practice site grants. Dr. Kagan has also served on the NCTSN Steering Committee, the NCTSN Affiliate Advisory Board, the Complex Trauma and Child Welfare Committees, the NCTSN ACES Workgroup, and co-led development of the NCTSN curriculum, Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Traumatic Stress. He was formerly Director of Research and Consultation for the Sidney Albert Training and Research Institute at Parsons Child and Family Center in Albany, New York, a NCTSN community services site since 2002.

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Scott J. Modell, Ph.D.

Dr. Modell received his Ph.D. from the College of Education at Florida State University in 1997. He is President of MCG Consulting and Co- Founder of Collaborative Safety, LLC. From 2013 to 2016, he served as the Deputy Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services. He has also served as the Deputy Commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Dr. Modell spent fifteen years as a Professor at California State University, Sacramento. Over his last five years at the university, he additionally served as Director of the university’s Autism Center for Excellence. He is an expert in child abuse, crime victims with disabilities, disability etiology, and interview techniques. He has authored nine books and has over 300 published articles and abstracts. Dr. Modell is frequently invited to lecture at national and international conferences regarding child abuse and crime victims with disabilities. Dr. Modell has taught for the Office of Victims of Crime (OVC), National Children’s Advocacy Center (NCAC), National Adult Protective Services Association (NAPSA), National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA), and the Singapore National Council of Social Service (NCSS). He has conducted workshops and trainings reaching thousands of police officers, educators, child protective service and adult protective service professionals across the country. He has received international recognition for his work in the area of crime victims and interview techniques for individuals with disabilities.

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Shelley Arneson, M.Ed.

Ms. Arneson is the new Kinship Care Program Manager for Washington, Children’s Administration (CA). She has worked for CA for ten years, serving as a CPS Investigator, a CFWS Social Worker, and Unit Supervisor in two offices within CA. Prior to Children’s Administration Ms. Arneson worked in both non-profit services for at-risk youth and in the Washington state education system.

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Sherrie Flores, MSW

Ms. Flores has over 14 years’ experience in adult and Child Welfare.  She worked in Child Welfare in San Joaquin county in California where she supervised a Social work unit and managed Independent Living which included development and implementation of Extended Foster Care.  Ms. Flores created and facilitated trainings for Social Workers, Probation, Foster Families, and the community.  She is currently the Extended Foster Care Manager for Children's Administration Headquarters.  

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Stephanie Frazier, BA

Ms. Frazier has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Washington. She started with Children’s Administration in 1999 as an After Hours emergency response and intake worker. Since that time, Ms. Frazier has been a CPS Investigator, a CPS Supervisor and helped launch the first offices in the State for CPS Family Assessment Response. Currently Ms. Frazier is currently the statewide CPS and Family Voluntary Services Program Manager.

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Susan Kas, JD

Ms. Kas has been a staff attorney at Disability Rights of Washington (DRW) since 2006.  Over the last eleven years, she has conducted numerous abuse and neglect investigations for individuals with disabilities and mental health conditions living in a wide variety of community and institutional settings. She has also represented children and youth with disabilities in several class actions and systemic lawsuits in efforts to improve supports and services for young people with disabilities and mental health conditions.  Prior to joining DRW, Ms. Kas provided direct care services to individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities, worked with at-risk elementary and middle school youth, and served as a public defender upon receiving her B.A. and J.D. from the University of Washington.

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Taku Mineshita, MSW

Mental Health - Systems Integration Program Manager with DSHS Children's Administration Division of Program and Policy.

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Tarassa Froberg, MSW

Tarassa Froberg is the Child and Family Welfare Services (CFWS) and Family Voluntary Services (FVS) Program Manager at Children’s Administration. She has worked for Children’s Administration for twenty years and has her Masters in Social Work from the University of Washington. Tarassa’s work is driven by her passion for children and families and hopes to be a part of strengthening connections in the child welfare system that drive healthier children, families, and communities.

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Victoria Ackerman, BS

Ms. Ackerman began her partnership with the Department of Social and Health Services in 1995 when she became a licensed foster parent. Over the next 10 years she fostered 27 children and adopted 4. She began to work for DSHS in 1999 as a Foster Parent Liaison. She continued her work with DSHS as a Relative Search Specialist. In 2002 she moved into case carrying social work and enjoyed many years of serving children and their families. Her last position she held before moving to her current position was carrying a full caseload of Extended Foster Care young adults. Currently she has the opportunity to work at CA Headquarters as the WA State Education & Training Voucher Program Coordinator. The ETV program provides her the privilege of working directly with foster youth and young adults to reach their college goals. Ms. Ackerman obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree from William Jessup University in California majoring in Education and Psychology.

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Wayne Duehn, PhD

Professor Emeritus, School of Social Work, The University of Texas at Arlington; has considerable experience in working with adoptive and foster care professionals (and families) in both the public and private sectors. He has conducted state-wide training workshops for adoption/foster care personnel and residential treatment staff throughout North America. He serves as ongoing consultant/trainer to adoptive personnel and foster home developers of Casey Family Programs, Neighbor to Family Programs, and the Louisiana and Texas Departments of Child Protective Services. He is a co-author of “Beyond sexual abuse; The healing power of adoptive families” which is an outgrowth of an ongoing educational program of The Three Rivers Adoptive Council, Pittsburgh, PA. This federally funded project is designed to develop educational materials to assist foster and adoptive families in parenting the sexually abused child. Most recently, Dr. Duehn has completed a state-wide sexual safety training project for the Iowa State Foster and Adoptive Parents Association.

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Wendy Lustbader, MSW

Wendy Lustbader, MSW is a popular speaker at conferences throughout the United States and Canada, using storytelling to animate complex subjects such as intergenerational trauma, family caregiving, and coping with chronic illness. Additionally, she is a skilled psychotherapist, having worked almost twenty years with people from all walks of life at a community clinic in downtown Seattle. Currently, she is an Affiliate Associate Professor at the University of Washington School of Social Work in Seattle.

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